A new approach to Healthcare, led by Youth.

We bring together high school and college students to find
community solutions to the Health Gap.

Our Unique Approach

Many others have provided volunteer opportunities, medical talks, or job shadowing opportunities
before. That is not what MDJunior does.

We believe that our youth in health movement leverages several best practices that make us unique:

Offering a collaborative and fun way for youth of all ages to engage in health.

Using a holistic approach to healthcare through varying monthly topics.

Tying health knowledge and medical skills to real community change.

Leveraging high school and college clubs together for social enterprise.

High School

Our high school youth are agents of change.
  • Chapter members take part in the monthly Service Learning cycle to be empowered as youth in health. Our regular Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude sessions inspire youth to believe they are capable of greatness.
  • Chapter leadership work with their college counterparts to organize programming. They play a large role in the decision-making process of who, what, and when.
  • Chapters work together to create large scale community change. Twice a semester, all chapters in a Hub network come together for major attitude events like health fairs, service days, and philanthropy events.

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Our college youth are social entrepreneurs.
  • Hub leadership creates a strategic vision for their region. They leverage public health knowledge through MDJunior leadership toolkits to create real community change.
  • Hub members act as mentors and liaisons to high school chapters. They collaborate with the Chapter leadership to organize Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude programming.
  • Hubs create networks of medical professionals and nonprofit partnerships to support programming. They bring these together with the passion of Youth to successfully develop innovative health systems.

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