MDJunior uses service learning
to address community health issues.

Our Three Pillars of Service Learning™


Building Health Literacy
through Workshops


Hands-On Learning and


Selfless Service and
Community Impact

MDJunior connects High Schools and Colleges
through social enterprise.

Our Three Tiers of Engagement™

MDJunior Local

Engaging Youth through Service Learning

MDJunior believes that collaboration is the key to harnessing the power of Youth. We bring together high schools and colleges at networks that span the United States, with Hubs in Georgia, California, and Maryland. Our first global hub has been established in Hong Kong.

MDJunior Global

Sustainable Development through Youth

Our Global Medical Mentor Mission combines the passion of Youth with the expertise of health professionals. Established in 2010, we have leveraged best practices and local resources to create a sustainable impact in rural Honduras. More recently sustainable mission programs have been established in India and Puerto Rico.

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